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Level 5 Higher Diploma in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

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The course is designed to meet the following aims:

  • To provide an exciting, stimulating and challenging programme of study in Hospitality that combines subject knowledge and industry experience that is both responsive to the constantly evolving needs of students and employers.
  • To equip students with hospitality skills, knowledge and the understanding necessary to achieve high performance in the global hospitality environment.
  • To enrich the student experience through a diverse and innovative programme of study that stems from a vocational and technical perspective.
  • To empower students through the study of core themes in management, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship to maximize employability.
  • To provide education and training for a range of careers in hospitality, including food and beverage management, hotel management, kitchen management, facilities management and events management.
  • To provide insight and understanding into the diversity of roles within the hospitality industry, recognizing the importance of networking and collaboration at all levels.
  • To equip students with knowledge and understanding of culturally diverse organizations, cross-cultural issues, diversity and values.
  • To provide opportunities for students to enter or progress in employment in hospitality, or progress to higher education qualifications such as an Honours degree in hospitality or a related area.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop the skills, techniques and personal attributes essential for successful working lives.
  • To support students to understand the local, regional and global context of the hospitality sector and support those students with a global outlook, to aspire to international career pathways.
  • To provide students with opportunities to address contemporary issues facing the industry, and society at large; with particular emphasis on sustainability and the environment, globalization and the impact of digital technology.
  • To provide opportunities for students to achieve a nationally-recognized professional qualification within their chosen area of specialization.
  • To offer students the chance of career progression in their chosen field, with particular emphasis on achieving management-level positions, professional recognition and beyond.
  • To allow flexibility of study and to meet local or specialist needs.
  • To offer a balance between employability skills and the knowledge essential for students with entrepreneurial, employment or academic aspirations.
  • To provide students with opportunities to engage in an industry-recognized apprenticeship scheme for Hospitality Manager that aligns with their employer’s needs and their own career aspirations.
  • To provide students with the context in which to consider professional ethics and their relation to personal, professional and statutory responsibilities within the industry.

Course Syllabus/Content

The Level 5 Higher Diploma course comprises twelve (12) subject units and a mandatory work based experience. The twelve (12) subject units are determined by the academy from the following list:

Course Subjects:

Conference and Banqueting Management

Hospitality Operations Management

Human Resource Management for Service Industries

Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

Developing Manager

Tourism Planning

Travel and Tourism Sector

Finance in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Food and Beverage operation Management

Rooms Division Operation Management

Quality Management in Business

Front Office Operations

Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism

Service Marketing

Basic Hospitality and Tourism Management

Work Based Experience or Project

Qualification Award

Higher Diploma in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management


Course Duration/Hours

Course Duration: 24 months (Full-time) + inclusive of 6 to 12 months Practical/Industrial attachment/Internship OR Project

Total Hours: 720 Hours


Teacher-Student Ratio

GAHM maintains a maximum teacher-student ratio as follows:

Tutorial – 1:40

Lecture – 1:72

Teaching Approach And Methods

The teaching approaches and methods adopted will be according to the requirement of the learning outcomes of each unit. These may include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Debates
  • Discussion
  • Group Work
  • Field Trips
  • Case Studies
  • Role Play and
  • Simulation



In-course assessments will be conducted. In-course assessments may include quizzes, class tests, class participation in question and answer sessions, oral presentation, unit assignments including assignment reports and demonstrations where relevant, valid and appropriate.